The leading work light provider in the industry, Milwaukee Tool, continues to expand their Lighting Solutions with the introduction of the M18  Rocket™ LED Tower Light/Charger. With the ability to be set up in 5 seconds, provide 3,000 lumens of high-output light for both task and area lighting, and charge any M18™ battery through a built-in M18™ Charger, the M18 Rocket™ Tower Light/Charger is a breakthrough in productivity. Featuring a new-to-world tri-fold head design, the M18 Rocket™ Tower Light/Charger is capable of delivering 3,000 lumens of multi-directional light through the use of 3 independently-rotating, adjustable light heads. With the ability to maneuver these light heads in multiple orientations, users can direct light to wherever it’s needed. With three output modes for optimizing brightness, it is 50% brighter and has a run-time of up to 17 hours – running significantly cooler than halogen.