PMT – Premium Mounting Technologies has been leading the market with innovative and practical solar mounting solutions. The company has developed and redefined PV mounting systems for flat as well as pitched roofs and solar carports which provide economic, practical and elegantly engineered solutions based on several years of hands on experience.

Founded in 2012, the company has always focused on quality and innovations. What started with flat roof constructions of common solar systems, grew along with constantly changing customer requirements to a wide product range – starting with aerodynamic flat roof mounting systems expanding to pitched roof products and also solar-carport solutions. 

PMT has grown from its German market base to accompany its satisfied customers internationally. The company has grown organically whilst keeping its focus on reliability and quality assurance. The vision for the continued development is presented in “NEXT LEVEL MOUNTING”.

PMT listens to its customers and installers and applies their feedback to further optimize its products. The company is based on the best of German engineering traditions, with high quality and attention to detail central to its product development. Products are extensively tested with a focus on constant improvement.

PMT EVO 2.0, the flat roof mounting system for commercial roofs, for example, emphasize ease of construction and aerodynamics which allows a stable and safe installation for a wide range of rooftops. They require no groundworks and can be installed on existing surfaces with minimal disruption. There are two variations available: a south system and a system for east-west orientation, each with an inclination angle of ten and fifteen degrees.  

PMT places great emphasis on quality and safety. The company tests all developments by means of wind tunnel, component testing and theoretical calculation and continuously optimizes its products. PMT was one of the first companies to receive the National Technical Approval for the aerodynamic flat roof mounting system PMT EVO 2.0 from the German Institute for Structural Engineering. According to founder and CTO Peter Grass, this is unique in the industry. “We analyzed, tested and certified all of the systems individual connectors. As a result, German building authorities approved an aerodynamic flat roof mounting system in its entirety and not only individual parts.” PMT uses external experts to verify security and obtain the required official approvals. “Customers no longer have to worry about whether the manufacturer really has the approvals for all components. Now they have a document with a seal on it for the entire system.”, explains Peter Grass.

The extremely short time of assembly also brings economic efficiency to the next level. The advantages of the innovative Click-technology can be seen right from the start of the assembly. The short click-components do not only facilitate handling, but also provide the right dimension for the position of the individual components. This eliminates the need for time-consuming measuring within the system and prevents errors during set-up because the click connections are matching with each other. No sharp small parts such as drilling screws are used during the entire assembly. Thanks to the drilling-free assembly, no sharp drill chips that could damage the sensitive roof cladding are produced. The load-transmitting system composite of extra-wide contact surfaces of the floor rails, tower, and base is reinforced by a multifunctional cross brace to maximize system stability. This extremely stable mounting system is the optimal basis for a profitable photovoltaic project with regards to maximum cost-effectiveness from system acquisition costs, installation time, and building security.

One of PMT’s other products is PMT FLAT DIRECT. It is the ideal photovoltaic mounting system for gable, monopitch, shed, barrel or butterfly roofs. With this system, solar systems can be mounted on bitumen roofs as well as on foil or sandwich panels. The PV substructure is suitable as a penetration-free solution with inclination of up to 30°. The system holds the areas of the clamps to the most common solar panels. This keeps the drainage opening clear. A low-resistance solar panel grounding is possible. Thanks to an integrated cover, the cables become invisible immediately after installation. This makes it easier to route the cables and prevents obstructions.

The latest product innovation by PMT is PMT GHOST: an terrifyingly simple mounting system for trapezoidal sheet metal roof. PMT is putting an end to heavy mounting difficulties: it becomes a simple and complete solution in just a few steps. Low material usage reduces system costs. The mounting system can be installed with only three components. The detent clip only need to be fastened at specific points.  PMT GHOST has almost restriction regarding roof pitch, transverse and vertical assembly and modul size. It is also logistics and storage optimized and hence incredibly cost-efficient. The mounting system is installed in just a few steps – quickly, inexpensively and safely.

For the upcoming year we expect an even bigger demand on the general European market for solar energy solutions. The need for green energy will grow even more and a country like Germany slowly induces obligations for PV-plants on new buildings or parking lots, which are suited for solar carports. So, the need for new developments and mounting solutions for the new year is going to make 2022 a very busy year.