Rosemor International has recently lined up 4 different generations of their customers machines in their workshops. This shows 16 years of innovation and technical development. The Alta 20, built in 2000 was the original model Rosemor  brought from Tennant, also known as the Rotomac 300. As you can see the control panel and many other features were modernised in developing the next model, the Rotomac 330, some 5 years later.

The machine was developed to be quicker and more efficient, the brushes increased from 6 to 11, leading to the Rotomac 360 in 2013. And lastly, the newest model, the ET15B with 15 brushes and onboard battery back-up. The latest model now includes a plug-in option to add the T10 attachment to enable quick travelator or escalator cleaning using the ET15B’s tanks and power source. Saving in both storage and cost.

The oldest machine has now been renovated to ‘as new’ condition, converted to include the newest model’s features and electronics. Because these machines are built using such high quality, durable materials; coupled with precision engineering this machine can now perform for another 16 years or more! Rosemor has now added another model to the range; the T10i – designed for customers who only have the requirement to deep clean the horizontal part of escalators or travelators quickly – on a moving walkway or escalator.


The Rotomac ET15B and T10 available worldwide

Rosemor is fully committed to ensuring that their customers get the best results and prevent any unnecessary expenditure. They offer all customers full training, globally. They have developed online training videos that can be viewed on their website or on YouTube, anywhere at any time. These show in full detail, how to operate and maintain the machine. Using their extensive customer feedback and servicing history, this enables their customers to prevent any misuse or abuse. This reduces costs and is more easily accessible to companies with high staff turnover and night shift staff. / .net / .ru / .ro