A practical response to the continuous technological and training challenges now facing the manufacturing industry. Driving business, but also socially responsible, both towards employees and collaborators and as regards the territory. Rimini is the starting point of the Scm Group “Campus” project, with which the world leader in technologies for machining a wide range of materials and in industrial components is relaunching and boosting what has always been its mission: to develop the most advanced expertise in these sector sectors and to pass it on to current and future professionals worldwide.

“Campus”, inaugurated on Monday 28 January, at the new Villa Verucchio (Rimini) site, with representatives of the leading institutional authorities and school, professional and university educational organisations in attendance, is designed to coordinate and promote all activities for developing the professional, technical, operating and management skills of the 4,000 people currently working for the group at the three large production centres in Italy and the more than twenty foreign branches.

Depending on requirements, some training courses also extend to dealers and end customers of the Scm Group network. But there’s more: this centre is a reference point for Secondary schools, Universities, the various Professional training bodies and Business Schools with which Scm Group already works in Italy and abroad on alternating school – work projects, apprenticeships and joint training initiatives, making available the high-tech aspects of its machinery and the know-how of its professionals.

A further objective is to help to develop skills which promote technological innovation in the various sectors in which the group’s companies are now selected as partners all over the world: from the furniture industry to construction, from automotive to aerospace, from boats to plastic processing. That’s why it’s no coincidence that “Campus” is being inaugurated on the eve of another important event in terms of innovation and training: the Scm “Smart&Human Factory” 2019 Open House. This event, at group headquarters from 31 January until 2 February, will attract thousands of visitors from all over the globe, both sellers and customers, presenting to the woodworking and furniture industry the factory of the future with the latest technological advances integrated with industrial and collaborative robots.

The Training Centre set up by the world leader in machinery and industrial components is the culmination of a journey that from the very start has aimed to generate expertise that keeps up with new technological challenges and to pass it on to the sector’s professionals worldwide.

Its inauguration comes just ahead of the “Smart&Human Factory” 2019 Open House (31/01 – 2/02) dedicated to the smart, digital factory integrated with industrial and collaborative robots in response to woodworking company requirements.