A decision made due to force majeure, resulting from the continuous spread of the COVID-19 epidemic across Europe and the rest of the world.

In order to be with its customers at all times, even from afar, during these emergency times, SCM is further strengthening its smart technologies and digital services

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis which is affecting European countries and the rest of the world with increasing criticality, SCM has opted not to take part in the up-and-coming edition of Holz-Handwerk which had already been postponed until 16-19 June 2020 as a result of this problem.

This is a difficult decision that SCM has found itself forced to take, given the importance of the event internationally for the wood sector. It does so with the utmost awareness and sense of responsibility towards the increasingly concerning situation that has arisen at international level: in virtue of the continuing spread of this new virus and the precautionary measures that the different countries affected are adopting to contain the epidemic as best as possible, SCM believes that the contextual and business conditions do not exist for a such an important trade fair.

In addition, to date, the continuing spread of the epidemic makes it impossible to predict when the global social-economic scenario will re-stabilise, both in Europe and the rest of the world, thus guaranteeing a return to regular operations for all those key players in the wood production chain.


Despite being in an international context that sees key industry events being cancelled or postponed until the second half of the year, SCM continues to offer its support to secondary wood processing businesses, from large industries to artisans, from furniture to windows and doors to joinery.

Technological innovation, digital factory and all-round support services to the customer are SCM’s primary objectives which, today more than ever, aims to continue to remain at the side of all industry professionals with its Smart&Human Factory as well as technologies and state-of-the-art digital services which are being further strengthened in these delicate times.

Practical demonstrations, training and optimisation of maintenance and assistance activities continue even remotely thanks to the “Maestro connect” platform which provides instant access to a wide range of services, to allow wood working operators to be flanked and supported by the SCM team, even in “virtual” mode.

From all the digital services, stands out the “Smartech” augmented reality assistance: thanks to a wearable computer and a specific control software, SCM experts can diagnose and solve problems in real time. Smartech incorporates video, camera, microphone and loudspeaker functions with wireless connection. This ensures the hands-free, two-way communication with interactive data sharing.


On-line courses, video-tutorials, “virtual” classrooms where strategic content focusing on the key technological challenges linked to the vast world of wood machining can be shared with teaching staff and qualified experts. All the training activities for technicians at the branches, dealers and clients who are part of the SCM international network can carry on easily, rapidly and smartly thanks to the “e-Campus” platform, overcoming any space-time barrier and reinforcing them further. Everything offered by Campus and the SCM Group training Centre can be accessed in a single virtual space with two key objectives:

-to continue promoting skills updating for the SCM team assigned to sales work and technical support, even from a distance.

-to offer clients an increasingly more evolved, all-round service, as well as an opening that is permanently projected into the future of wood machining.

It is precisely the training offered to clients that is further enhanced with increasingly more personalized courses based on the specific individual needs of companies in the woodworking industry. A valuable opportunity which aims to be a “plus” and a high-tech, “made in SCM” added value.