Zuken and CADENAS have announced a partnership to strengthen their competencies, by providing users of Zuken’s E³.series ECAD tools direct access to online component libraries. The partnership was announced at Zuken’s global customer conference, Zuken Innovation World, in Yokohama, Japan, running from 18-19 October.

The partnership strengthens the core competencies of Zuken and CADENAS. Users of Zuken’s ECAD environment, E³.series, will gain direct access to the CADENAS component portal, where they can search for components from a broad range of manufactures and load the required parts directly into E³.series. This will offer ECAD users a vast range of parts to choose from, as the CADENAS portal currently hosts library data from more than 800 manufacturers.

E3.series is a true concurrent electrical engineering environment, supporting advanced requirements for electrical documentation, cabinet, wire harness and fluid design.

Visitors at Zuken Innovation World were the first to see how users can search the CADENAS component portal, find a suitable HARTING connector, and download it directly into their design. HARTING is the first component vendor to actively support the new CADENAS-Zuken interface, providing component information for ECAD applications to customers.

For more information see: www.harting.comwww.zuken.com/e3series or www.cadenas.de/en