In future Bosch will be offering a complete range of accessories for its professional multi cutters featuring a new mounting system: the Starlock system. Star-lock has been jointly developed by Bosch and Fein, global market leaders in os-cillating power tools. This new accessory mounting system by Bosch and Fein gives users a uniform standard that delivers even higher performance as well as faster work progress and more precise results.

Bosch offers the Starlock accessories in three performance classes: Starlock, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax. These performance classes ensure that the tool and the accessory are perfectly matched to one another, helping prolong their useful life. There are markings on both the accessory and on the tool for this pur-pose.

Altogether there are 32 Starlock accessories, four StarlockPlus accessories and twelve Star- lockMax accessories. The smaller performance classes are designed to fit the larger tools. This means that all 48 accessories are compatible with the Star- lockMax tool. Furthermore, accessories with the Starlock mounting system are also downward compatible: they fit existing professional multi-cutters by Bosch and Fein without the need for an adapter, as well as other tool with OIS 12-point or multi-star mounting system.

The Bosch range of accessories featuring the Starlock mounting system is now more versatile than ever before. With a selection of 48 different blades, the pro-fessional multi-cutters are suitable for various applications ‒ even in hard-to-reach areas. A color-code system makes it easy to select the right accessory: color markings on the packaging and on the accessory enable the user to see at a glance which accessories are suitable for which materials, both on purchase and during everyday use.

Unique accessories: precision plunge saw blades and sanding fingers The range of products includes unique accessories, such as precision plunge saw blades with rounded, convex ‘Curved-Tec’ cutting edges. These accessories provide better control and even higher precision when making cuts in wood, hardwood and wood/metal, such as cutouts in cabinets for access to a power outlet. This also prolongs the useful life of saw blades: unlike with conventional, straight cutting edges, the rounded cutting face minimizes tooth break-off.


For challenging metalworking applications, Bosch has developed a series of ‘MetalMax carbide plunge cut saw blades’ with carbide teeth. Thanks to carbide technology, they last 30 times longer than conventional saw blades with bimetal teeth. As a result, the ‘MetalMax’ saw blades are highly wear-resistant and even suitable for cutting hardened screws and nails as well as for working stainless steel.

Another new addition to the product range is a sanding finger which allows pro-fessionals to reliably work surfaces as well as remove paints and lacquers, even at sharp angles. High efficiency and long life are ensured by carbide chips which stick less than conventional abrasives thanks to the use of open coating technol-ogy. The sanding finger is available in 40 grit or 100 grit.