Extremely handy and flexible – these are the hallmarks of the new Bosch one-hand orbital sanders for professionals. The range, which is designed for small, preparatory sanding work, comprises three corded tools: The GSS 140-1 A Professional, the GSS 160-1 A Professional and the GSS 160 Multi Professional. With the launch of the GSS 18 V-10 Professional, Bosch is also now bringing the first 18 V cordless orbital sander onto the market. The tools offer professional tradespeople from the woodworking trades, as well as painters and varnishers, increased flexibility when sanding in comparison with comparable models from our competitors.

The basis for this is three different base plates which professionals can use to convert their orbital sanders quickly and easily to the task at hand: A square sanding plate, a rectangular sanding plate and a triangular sanding plate. The sanding sheet is fixed using the established “Easy Fit” clamping system or using a micro-fastener (Velcro), depending on the base plate. Weighing between 1.1 and 1.5 kilograms, the tools also are considerably lighter than their predecessors and, thanks to the ergonomic knob with soft grip, can be easily moved into different positions and operated using only one hand.

Bosch offers the perfect tool for every application: The GSS 140-1 A Professional comes with a square base plate and is suitable for sanding small, even surfaces. The new metal base plate makes the tool even more robust than previous models. Users can work with both a standard sanding sheet or a sanding sheet that they have cut to size themselves, as it is either attached using a Velcro fastener or the “Easy Fit” clamping system.

The GSS 160-1 A Professional comes with a rectangular sanding plate as standard and is particularly suited to machining sharp edges, such as those on dining tables. In comparison to the square base plate, the narrower base plate minimizes the risk of the orbital sander slipping over the edge while sanding, thereby rounding it. The sanding sheet is fixed by means of a Velcro fastener, which makes it particularly easy to replace.

In addition to the square and rectangular base plate, the GSS 160 Multi Professional offers a triangular sanding plate for simple machining of corners, window frames, doors on furniture and panels of all kinds.


With the GSS 18 V-10 Professional cordless orbital sander, working overhead and in difficult to reach places is now easier for professional tradespeople. It also makes the task of sanding sensitive materials easier, as there are no cables which could damage the finished surface. The cordless orbital sander is available with a square sanding plate or with all three sanding plates.

All four models feature an efficient dust extraction system for protecting your health and the tool while you work. Dust is either absorbed by the micro-filter in the supplied dust box or is directly extracted by a connected vacuum cleaner.

The corded orbital sanders are now available from specialist retailers, with the cordless tool following in autumn. The models are offered in a cardboard box or L-Boxx with a different range of items included. Subject to change.