FI Group advises companies on the management of the financing of their R&D&I, through the design and implementation of actions aimed at boosting their technological and economic development. These actions, focused on the integral treatment of R&D&I tax incentives and the management of calls for public grants and subsidies, result in an improvement of the companies’ profit and loss accounts.

FI Group eagerness to achieve excellence in all their services has led them to assume the leadership of the sector, both at national and European level, thus promoting an ambitious internationalization plan with a clear objective: to help clients in the generation of value.

Interview with Teresa Marina, International Marketing Manager at FI Group.

Easy engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Teresa Marina: FI Group supports all types of companies (SMEs, large companies, multinationals, etc.) in all sectors.

FI Group accompanies companies from the ideation, the search for regional, national and international funding for the project, tax rebates or deductions for R&D&I, among other things. 

In short, we help ideas to grow.

E.E: What’s are your products? What are the ranges of products?

T.M: The FI Group is specialized in the management of R&D Tax Credits and R&D Grants.

R&D tax credits coming in the form of either a cash payment or a corporate tax reduction are a government incentive designed to reward companies for investing and innovation. 

Companies spending money, developing new products, processes, or services, or improving upon existing ones, can all be eligible for R&D tax credit.

Our team work directly with the competent professionals to identify eligible R&D activities, alongside working directly with the company’s accountant to ensure we’ve captured all qualifying costs and maximize the R&D tax credit.

R&D Grants typically support the commercial development of an innovative product, service or process. 

FI Group advises clients throughout the R&D grants specific process – from application to receipt. The public financing tool is available for SMEs as well as large companies that need to finance their R&D projects, either alone or through a consortium with other businesses or research bodies such as universities or technological centers.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

T.M: FI Group Italia services evolve with the country’s legislation and in a close relationship with local realities. The innovations that we are developing – strictly linked to the trends’ market – are a series of new services related to access to funding from the Transition Plan 4.0 and access to the European funds. Due to his international presence – in 14 countries counting a total of 40 offices – FI Group has since 2021 further expanded its range of services by offering companies tailored specialized advice for accessing Next Generation financing. FI Group Italia, specifically, has set up an entire department entirely dedicated to PNRR.