BKL Baukran Logistik GmbH specializes in crane rental, sales and service. With approximately 300 employees at six locations, the company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019 as one of Europe’s largest manufacturer-independent providers of crane solutions. BKL’s crane fleet offers over 500 tower cranes, with a radius from 22 to 90 metres, plus over 100 all-terrain mobile cranes from 30 up to 700 tonne giants and 10 mobile construction cranes with a radius of up to 65 metres. Moreover, BKL customers benefit from the bespoke turnkey package, certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and SCCP, including planning, logistics and transportation with company owned loader cranes and low loaders, as well as the 24-hour emergency service.

BKL’s reference projects include the European Central Bank, the Allianz Arena and BMW Welt.

New products:

A brand new product in the self-erecting crane sector is expected to be available at BKL in 2021. The crane specialists teamed up with the Cattaneo design engineers to improve the tried-and-tested CM 74S4 quick-assembly crane. Its successor, the BKL System Cattaneo CM 300, features an increased maximum load capacity of three tonnes, or an extra 500 kilos, a 30-metre radius and a maximum hook height of 23 metres. BKL will be offering the new crane to rent or purchase.

The BKL System Cattaneo comprises eight high-performance, robust, self-erecting cranes e. g. for the use in house design. Since 1994, BKL has included self-erector cranes from Luigi Cattaneo S.p.A. that deliver impressive results with low investment amounts and longevity in its rental fleet. In 2012, BKL launched the “BKL System Cattaneo” as exclusive distributor for Germany and Austria.

Moreover, BKL has invested for 2021 in machinery in all segments such as tower cranes, mobile cranes and loader cranes. Recently, in November, BKL took delivery of the first LTM 1650-8.1 on the German market, a 700-tonne mobile crane.

Crane market

As is typical of the season, self-erector cranes for housing – as for example BKL System Cattaneo cranes – are now very popular in the German-speaking countries. Moreover, the demand for larger self-erecting cranes, from 80 to 100 tonne-metres, is consistently high in this segment. BKL’s crane rental specialists often use them instead of small top-slewing cranes for multi-storey residential complexes.

In the top-slewing crane segment, BKL has primarily invested in machinery in the 100 to 220 tonne-metre category this year as residential construction continues to be dynamic in Germany, for example.

BKL anticipates that building projects will ensure a consistently high demand for tower cranes and mobile cranes 2021 and in the years ahead.