Corona, war in Ukraine, inflation, supply chains, and an energy crisis – the geopolitical situation posed great challenges to the world in 2022. How did the Swiss technology company Montech AG confront these challenges and what highlights did 2022 hold despite the difficult times? 

CEO Daniel Pauli takes a look back – and a look forward too. 

Easy Engineering: Let’s begin with the positive. What moments were especially enjoyable for you this year?

Daniel Pauli: Just a few weeks ago, we were able to successfully launch our reworked table and floor stands for the TB30 and TB40 belt conveyors. Thanks to the reworking, these stands now feature a slimmed-down design and their design is more flexible. In addition, they are less expensive and there is a larger selection of fastening angles for the TB40. Furthermore, in 2022, we were able to better exploit the potential of the aluminum framing system introduced in 2021: It enabled us to acquire new, important customers, and build cells larger than ever before. Our LT40 transfer system was also enhanced and improved thanks to value engineering. 

E.E.: Supply chains were disrupted massively this year due to the corona pandemic and geopolitical tensions. How did you confront such challenges? 

D.P: We were largely able to work around them. Thanks to blanket orders, there were neither delays nor difficulties in our supply chain. We were always able to deliver products as usual. Even with regard to sales prices, everything remained stable thanks to blanket orders. We had to increase our prices only slightly. 

E.E.: The dearth of apprentices and trainees is also making life difficult for many companies. What’s the story at Montech AG? 

D.P: It’s becoming ever more difficult to hire apprentices. We’ve also noticed that. That’s why we’re so pleased and proud that we are well-positioned in this respect. We have already filled all of our apprentice positions for the coming summer. And we’re pleased that a logistics technician, a production mechanic, and two designers will start their careers with us in August 2023. 

E.E.: With your subsidiary Montech Conveyors Corp., you’re also active in the USA. How did 2020 go there?

D.P: Very positively. The Corona pandemic affected our subsidiary Montech Conveyors Corp., which is headquartered in Huntersville, NC, a great deal. We even had to close temporarily. That’s why we’re so happy that we can pick up speed again now. Business is developing well and we’re on the road to success. 

E.E.: What can we expect from Montech AG in 2023? 

D.P: Once again, we will do everything we can to offer our customers advanced products, solutions, and services in the innovative belt conveyors and framing systems sectors with a world-leading price-performance ratio. And right at the start of the year, we will introduce a new product that customers have been requesting for a long time: roller conveyors. The roller conveyors are another important component for our modular toolbox: configurable, available for quick delivery, and cost-effective.