Our world is changing. Although we can’t feel or see it directly, it’s happening all around us. Staying on top of things is never easy, and sometimes it can be a very difficult task. From waking up to the point of going to sleep we are like busy bees in a very big hive. If you own a business, this gets even worse. Maybe we should be thinking of adding those few extra hours to the day so we could do the tasks that we just can’t seem to reach. The feeling of running out of time is always near us. Life is like a runaway train with no breaks, once it starts it cannot stop. In an ironic and natural way, resemblance the global businesses.

It is hard seeing opportunities these days, but has it ever been easy? Since the dawn of the first civilizations, technology was a true guideline to the modern world. Revolutionary thinking, reinventing the old, seeing things in the future and bold courageous projects started it all. From the discovery of fire and the invention of the wheel, we came too far to be stopped.

Today’s technologies include jet packs for humans, hover boards, space exploration, social media and more and more inventions arising every day. We might wonder where all this is headed? The answer could be a simple one: “forward”.

Human nature always tried to open new paths for knowledge, to push its boundaries and to go where no one has gone before. Thus, we must get out of our comfort zone, step into the unknown and start a new beginning by exploring a limitless infinity.



Ciprian Rotaru