Time is very precious to us and maybe the most precious thing we have. A lot can happened in one second. What takes years to build can be gone in a blink of an eye. The power of the present, here and now, can change any future. It only takes will and some direction. Also, speed plays a very important role in everything, setting the boundaries between defeat and success. Maybe the speed is the thing that gives the satisfaction in the end, more that the finality. Speed also creates addiction. Uncertainty, the feeling it all can be over in one second, the rush, you must maintain a constant awareness of the surroundings. All the senses are active and at full capacity, concentration is at a high level, similar to a racing car with no breaks, it all comes down to who is in the first place during the race and not the one who finishes first.

I recently read something interesting, it is expected that in the future, under the roads there will be some advanced super power conductors that will take their energy from the Earth’s core and cars will be supplied automatically with this energy, virtually unlimited.

Whatever it is, we must understand that the future is virtually unlimited, one of the universal laws says that if you cannot prove the contrary there is a possibility you can do it. With optimism and a lot of will dreams turn, at some point, into reality, just like rough diamonds turn into beautiful jewelry.



Ciprian Rotaru