We try to do more and more each day, but 24 hours just isn’t enough these days. The recent science theory shows that time is accelerating might be true, from our perception point of view. Just like in an action movie where the hero must do a task in a limited amount of time, to disable a bomb or to stop a bus for example, these scenarios become more and more relevant to our daily reality. You just have to venture out into the concrete jungle, wherever you are on the globe.

I remember a short story that i like. Not long ago, a renowned scientist was at a table in a restaurant, celebrating his latest discoveries, with many friends. This scientist was known for his eccentric habits and his excess for partying and drinking, even at his age of over 60. During the time he and his friends were at the table talking, an old friend of the scientist enters the room, comes to the table and because he did not see him for a long time, before sitting down, he proposes a toast. “Long live this man! Besides his discoveries, he drank a lot all his life that we could fill this whole chamber with liquor, as high as I am, which is a lot!” exclaiming and waving frenetically. The scientist gets up, looks at his friend’s measurements and exclaims: “I have many years, but I need a lot more to fill the whole room!”. In conclusion we are all on the clock.
Every mission, big or small, might seem impossible at the beginning, but let’s not forget that all the uncommon situations are the most beautiful, they give you the most thrills regardless what dream you are chasing, and make the most memorable adventures.

Ciprian Rotaru