Things and goals can sometimes seem out of reach, like a mirage out in a vast desert, something imaginary, maybe it’s there, or maybe it’s not. Who knows? We could be walking forward towards it but the distance between remains the same. Like a funny sign in a restaurant: “today we don’t server for free, but tomorrow we do”, this tomorrow never comes. In the end it’s not the destination that really matters but the most important aspect is the journey. Experiences, things you do, people you meet are essential to success.

I read a story some time ago about a fisherman who was at a lake in an early morning. He was there too soon to start fishing and did not know what to do. He was bored. As there aren’t many things to do without light on a fishing trip, he sat down on the edge of the lake. Near him, he found a small bag with a lot of little stones. He took one and threw it in the water. He liked the sound that it made when the stone hit the water. He then began to throw another, and another, until there were just a few left in the bag. Meantime the sun was appearing. Then he took a very good look at the stones and he realized that they were in fact diamonds. Unfortunately he threw most of them in the water. A very common scenario.

Human nature always searched for new boundaries to conquer, new heights, things to discover, new experiences and to push evolution to the limits. Technology and science brought us closer to the Universe and to ourselves. All the technologies in the world that exist today are a product of the human mind, our imagination, our dreams. Success usually stays in the hands of true players who can see true colors and not only black and white. Only those who dare to risk everything can win everything.