A journey of a thousand kilometers starts with your first step. The huge leap towards the unknown, the new, the undiscovered. Visionary ideas come, first of all, from a lot of experience. The ideas that can stand the test of time, like some great pyramids in the vast desert, are the ones who have science in their core.

Intuition is what drives ideas into being. This great tool can be compared to a metaphysical link between the human mind and the Universe. Recent science test show that water reacts to different kinds of sounds, for example, and it changes its molecular status depending on the stimuli, with opposite results for negative and positive. The human body is about 60% made out of water thus we too react to these stimuli, even if we do not realize it.

Some ancient theories describe intuition as being a handheld light that guides you if you were to walk in a dark forest. You can only see the path in front of you, nothing on the horizon, but just enough not to get lost.

Other recent tests show that the decision process in the human mind takes about 7 seconds before the conscious mind takes the actual decision. If this is true, it’s like we are 7 seconds slower that the actual reality. So are we just mere spectators in a great show?

There is a saying I like: “People have more intelligence than problems”. There are a lot of chances that somebody in the past had the same problems we have to deal with today, considering the cyclic and repetitive way of nature, and that somebody wrote the answer in a book. Maybe this happened in ancient past and as all great stories that live through the ages become legends maybe our ideas of today will become legendary. We only have to dare.




Ciprian Rotaru