To hear, to feel or to speak are just a few of the basic human senses that we use every day, on a regular basis in our lives. Through many of these senses we make our way out of bed, out of the house or go to work. We interact with each other, we create things in real life and we shape our ideas from them. We adapt our senses to the local or global environment and we use them as tools to survive. From the time when the first human beings used to dwell in dark caves, these senses helped them to survive the night predators that used to roam this Earth. Humanity has come a long way until those times but managed to keep the basic senses intact.

With the help of technology we were able to amplify our senses thus reaching a forever rising efficiency. We can now see further than ever before, even back to the Big Bing, we created maps of our Solar System and even the visible Universe and we can see even the smallest particle of matter. It’s easy to forget that all of the human discoveries came as a result of a lot of experiments and a whole lot more creativity and intuition.

The world is moving fast. Automation and artificial intelligence seem to be our future. I recently read that the production automation will lead to further job loss and one answer to this will be a global minimum income. Also that there is a percentage of people that take meaning from their job. Let’s think about the great poets and writers of all time and let’s imagine them in a place where they had all the time in the world to create with, no worries whatsoever. What beautiful colors would life have in that place?

But when the decisions that humans usually make really matter compared with the ones that robots or automation process will take. If we think about the human body, almost all of the processes that go on inside are automated. It’s like we are in a really complex car and all we have to do is enjoy the scenery.

Nothings that really matters comes without a price. Although it seems at times difficult and also hazardous, we must step out of our comfort area and step into the modern jungle. An old Japanese proverb says: “Accept your destiny with courage!”. Only those who are willing to give everything can have everything.



Ciprian Rotaru