We live in a world full of magic if you think about it. The unexplainable is part of us and our lives, and stays always around the corner. But is magic something just not explained yet or does it really exist? Some scientist say that nothing in this Universe is unexplainable, it is just a matter of time until the actual discovery. But this means that eventually the Universe will turn into very dull and boring place in the future? Luckily everything around us is changing at such a rapid speed that the possibility of this scenario is far from being true.

Until that happens there is a lot of magic going on right now, in this moment, into our own lives that is not to be taken for granted. When it comes to seeing and feeling it and, well that is another story. The unexplainable really means that there is a lot of place for creativity to further take place. When it comes to bringing this creativity into our daily routine and businesses, magical things start to happen.

Let’s take for example a production process of a normal product. Maybe that process usually took very long and used up a lot of resources, and one day, by pure magic an ides comes out from nowhere, and the whole process is remade and the product adapted, making it, maybe, smaller and more efficient. Just like nature, recent studies revealed that atoms have some magical, unexplained by now, properties like never knowing where one is until someone is looking directly at it, and their electrons can disappear into nothingness and reappearing again. Like our thoughts and ideas that come into being from virtually nothing and have such a huge impact on reality.

We act like nature, the simpler the better, like the ancestors of the dinosaurs that have succeeded surviving extinction, technologies are getting smaller and their level of detail bigger and more efficient.

I remember the phrase “if you don’t grow, you fall behind”, but let’s not forget the other important things like direction and speed and the journey. So, full speed ahead with the magic turned on.




Ciprian Rotaru