How often do we pay our bills in the last moment before they are overdue or hit the snooze button on our alarm clock for several times in the morning? Or maybe answer emails in a couple of days after they are received or just making the whole project hours before the deadline? People who do these things are more likely to be dramatic on a regular basis. Considering the fact that there is a lot of available technology today for everyone to use and not so expensive, the amount growing exponentially each year it is a little hard to be dramatic these days. Things like smart watches, smartphones and designer apps tell us when to start or stop sleeping, what to eat, where to drink or to jog. The personal assistant era has begun. People have now more free time than they used to just a couple of decades ago and you can do a lot more in a day now that you could ever do.

We have statistics everywhere and of course probable outcomes, all guided by sensors or cameras. Technology is used in a huge variety of fields helping mankind, creating more efficiency that ever before. To be dramatic these days, for a rising number of people, is a matter of choice.

Technology unlocks a lot of secrets that we did not have access to. I remember when I was in school in the 90’s, I used to dream of having a small TV on my desk, just to watch cartoons. After only 10 years the technology was available for everybody. Amazing.

There are a lot of questions that there isn’t an answer for right now, at least a non-speculative one. Of course, there is only one way to find out for sure, to see for ourselves. Otherwise, what is unknown will remain unknown forever.

Just like in the famous experiment of the Austrian physicist Schrödinger with the cat in the box. A cat was placed in a sealed box, along with a special mechanism that may trigger randomly a toxic gas. Of course air supply was sufficient. After a while he asked the question: is the cat alive or not? His conclusion was very interesting: because the situation was uncertain and he was not sure he assumed that it is alive and not at the same time. This can be demonstrated only by opening the box. Very intelligent.

What lies beyond our knowledge will remain unknown if there will be no exploration. Science is advancing every day in new ways that we never thought of. The world today is not at all like the one from 30 years ago. To break patterns is imperative a foray into the unknown and to discover new things we must abandon the old, meaning a lot of drama. So let’s start the adventure!



Ciprian Rotaru