Why Sintech relies on Montech

Speed, quality, precision – Montech’s belt conveyors meet the high demands of the pharmaceutical industry. Sintech recognizes this: In our semi-standardized TB30 belt conveyors, the Italian company has found the perfect solution for its loading and unloading cells and inspection lines for the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Production in the pharmaceutical industry is subject to extremely high quality and production standards. Because the testing and validation times of the systems take a long time, delivery times must be met without ifs and buts. These conditions make it difficult to find reliable partners. Sintech is also aware of this problem. 

Demanding conditions

For 30 years, this Italian company has been active internationally in the field of industrial automation for a wide range of industries and sectors. Its parent company is Brevetti Cea, a leading company in the field of automatic inspection of injectable pharmaceutical products, including bottles and syringes. Their systems can sequence up to 600 items per minute. They also carry out a cosmetic container check and a particle check of the medications in the containers. The conditions in production are correspondingly demanding. 

Semi-standardized TB30 belt conveyors with brushless motors

In recent years, Sintech has specialized in the development and implementation of loading and unloading cells and inspection lines for the medical and pharmaceutical industry; the parent company Brevetti CEA manufactures these. These systems require components that are optimally adapted to the strict conditions of the sector. The Italian company has found an efficient solution for its service inspection lines in Montech’s semi-standardized TB30 belt conveyors with brushless motors, for these are easy to integrate and meet the required standards. 

A solution with many advantages

While the width of the belt conveyors remains relatively unchanged, the length varies depending on the different processing stages of the inlet and outlet modules. Their brushless motors ensure excellent handling of the high production speeds. Low-friction belts prevent dust from forming on the belt conveyor during product handling. This allows the many cameras in the inspection system to function properly; they perform the aesthetic inspection of the container and are responsible for the particle control of the medications in the containers. The adjustable side guides are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they are also suitable for medical and pharmaceutical applications. In summary, the TB30 belt conveyors thus meet the required standards in terms of cleanliness, material compatibility, and quality, which is why Sintech always chooses Montech.