Over 40 fully functional solutions will be on display targeting all manufacturers, from large companies with significant production, to companies that need to produce thousands of unique products, each designed for the personalized needs of a given customer, to small companies, who often focus on artisanship. Thanks to Biesse’s 4.0 ready solutions these companies can become full-fledged “smart factories”.

Important innovations designed for the emerging wood construction sector will also be presented, part of our rich range of technological solutions and turn key projects for the production of doors, windows, beams and wall panels: on display in a dedicated stand at pavilion 13.

“Thinkforward is all about Biesse’s ability to innovate, to provide integrated solutions that are complex but easy to use, allowing us to produce more, better, at a lower cost. It encourages us to keep looking ahead, to get a better feel for how we need to act today” stated Raphaël Prati, marketing and communication director for Biesse Group. “Thinkforward was also the concept for our stand at Ligna, 5,000 square meters of innovation and technology where visitors will experience how the digital factory can change the way we perceive and produce things”.

Visitors will be able to come within reach of the technological solutions developed for Advanced Materials, a sector that is expanding significantly. Biesse employs its unparalleled experience with machining centres to provide the full precision and reliability needed by all who work with plastics and composite materials. The new Biesse Services will also be presented, as well as the full Customer Care Experience, which further strengthens customer engagement.

As part of the Thinkforward philosophy, a Biesse classic, bLab, will also be featured. bLab is a laboratory where the best software in the sector can be tested and machines and manufactured items can be rendered digitally, allowing us to run tests even before production begins physically.

The things visitors will see and feel at our stands are the fruit of the challenges Biesse has recently faced and overcome. “We decided to invest and believe in our abilities. This strategic decision brought great results: we’ve hired new people both in Italy and at our Branch Offices, incoming orders and our market share have increased, and our revenues are up by over 17%, outdoing the extraordinary € 600 M target, backed by 60% growth over the past three years. These numbers confirm our Group’s position, we are the top Italian player in the sector and the second player globally in terms of revenue, with significantly higher growth rates than our key competitors” says Federico Broccoli, Director of the Wood/Sales Division & Director of the Branches Division. “Our growth is certainly extraordinary, but it’s no coincidence. It’s the fruit of having invested in assets we consider strategic: Sales Intelligence, Distribution, Marketing and Communication, using growth plans and targeted tools, applying the company’s Thinkforward philosophy to increase our presence in the territory we serve and drawing nearer to Biesse’s true asset, our Customers.”

And it’s in that forward-thinking spirit that Biesse will participate in the Hannover Messe 2017, the most important trade fair for innovation anywhere in the world. In collaboration with Accenture and Microsoft the company will present an icon for cutting edge Biesse technology, a Rover Machining Centre with its 5-axis electro spindle connected to the cloud. A solid example of Biesse’s ability to innovate.