Running under the theme of “Integrated Manufacturing – Customized Solutions”, the LIGNA. Conference was held on 4 and 5 December in Guangzhou, China, attracting over 400 attendees.

Attendees were unanimous that the conference gave a clear and compelling overview of the challenges currently facing the woodworking and timber processing industries, providing a quality roundup of the latest approaches and developments in digitization, automation, IoT platforms and product individualization. Over the course of two busy, thought-provoking days, 11 speakers from diverse sectors of the woodworking, timber processing and other, allied industries shared their thoughts and experiences on digitization and the way it is being implemented in their respective production processes, focusing on current best practices. The speaker lineup, consisting of experts from China and abroad, was very high-caliber, making for an engaging, stimulating program.

Day one kicked off with a talk by Dieter Rezbach from Lignum Consulting, speaking on “The Symphony of Integrated Woodworking”, followed by Dr. Giuseppe Bacci, CEO, Bacci & Bacci Automation, who spoke on “Cutting-edge-Technology in Solid Woodworking”.

Other highlights included a much-anticipated and controversial presentation on “The Digital Twin-tool-lifecycle in the Cloud” by Udo Leiber, Managing Director, LEUCO Asia PTE Ltd, and a presentation by Yiqun Gong, General Manager of Hangzhou Ji Dong Woodworking Machinery Co., Ltd., who offered insights into current applications and developments in intelligent woodworking machinery in China.