Anmasi is a relation-oriented company that creates products based of dialogue and strong cooperation with the client. This requires a strong market and client focus. The clients are usually co-creators in Anmasi’s innovative solutions as they are often the source of inspiration for the development of solutions. That requires the company to be innovative and in touch with latest technology and ideas to keep up with the clients and their challenges.

Moreover, wishes for time savings in production and to facilitate the workflow in companies are often something that pushes them to think more innovatively. In addition to the big environmental issues, Anmasi needs to create sustainable and energy-saving solutions – the time is right and they are ready.

Easy Engineering: What are the most innovative products/solutions among your products?

ANMASI: Envotherm waste water plant:

  • E• MVR – Nice explanation + illustration on the website:
  • The use of ZLD technology not only reduces your wastewater volume by 95-99%, but it also reduces the amount of CO2 emitted. (Explanation is in the link from the point above).


Our solutions especially within time-saving and energy-saving solutions for customers at our facilities.

Total solutions where we can combine the right filter systems (FILCO) and the right chemistry for our washing system. The customer is not just buying a washing system, they are buying a total solution that has been prepared for them and their needs.

The effort to always optimize the processes, this is a requirement from the customers, both the logistics, the environmentally friendly perspective and the time savings that come from these requirements. These are requirements that push us to be more innovative and solution-oriented.

E.E: How was the research behind the products/solutions?


  • 30 years of experience / know-how, having been out in the field for so many years.
  • Customer needs and customer inquiries
  • Close contact with the customer, the dialogues with the customer continuously provide new solutions.

E.E: How are these components and functions important to the user?

ANMASI: See the answer above, but that should make our solutions more green, environmentally friendly and efficient. It is not only energy-saving, but costs are reduced. We create user-friendly solutions, and the fact that we can offer total solutions means that the customer is often covered more easily.

Envotherm is a completely different story, here we are talking about an innovative solution that has an extreme focus on the environmental perspective. This waste water plant helps to focus on, but is one of the solutions to, a growing problem – namely clean water. We must reuse our water and avoid it simply being sent for destruction – this is what Envotherm’s waste water plant is a good bet to help solve.

E.E: Which industries do you think will grow in your industry in 2023?


  • Producing industries / production companies
  • Manufacturers of components
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • The food industry
  • The energy sector – Win energy (Already a big customer of ours)

E.E: What products do you already supply to these growing industries?

ANMASI: We already supply our entire range of products from wastewater plants, washing plants, filter systems and chemistry to these industries

E.E: How do you change and develop your products for future industries?

ANMASI: By continuous analysis of market needs. Our close contact/dialogue with customers, which means that we know their challenges and requirements. We design and adapt our products according to customers and market needs.

We are not afraid to make special facilities.

E.E: What are your visions/plans for the rest of the year?

ANMASI: Getting out to the customers and meeting them at the fairs as we have planned. The order book is full, so these orders must go out before the year is over. After all, our mission is to be the industry’s preferred partner in environmentally sound solutions for processing process fluid and washing items with a focus on cleanliness, quality and the environment.