Founded in 1987 and counting today with a covered production area of more than 10.000m2, Marcovil is a technology-based company in the field of mechanical engineering, dedicated to the design, manufacturing and commissioning of machinery and turnkey solutions to improve efficiency of the industry and its working conditions.

Combining an innovative spirit with a strong knowledge in several fields of mechanical engineering, with the most advanced technology, Marcovil is recognized for its strong technological capability and autonomy which translates to a range of machines and industrial solutions of high reliability and precision, undergoing a continuous process of technological improvement.

From lifting equipment to forming technology and to the most innovative and advanced machines and turnkey solutions for waste separation and recovery of secondary raw materials, their strong technological commitment towards the industry is upheld on the following principles: Innovation, Sustainability, Reliability and Efficiency.

Marcovil’s machines are designed according to the latest standards using SolidWorks 3D design.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

MARCOVIL: Marcovil focuses its activity mainly on four categories: lifting equipment, movement equipment, roll bending systems and recycling engineering (recycling plants and single machines). All of the abovementioned equipment’s can be found at our website with photos, videos and catalogues that were thoroughly elaborated and are self-explanatory.

E.E: What’s the news for 2021 about new products?

MARCOVIL: Recycling and circular economy are topics that are getting more and more relevant in Europe and that present constant challenges and the need to find modern solutions. That being said, there is space in the European sector for the creation of opportunities in the development of innovative technologies. Given the existing and rudimentary solutions available, Marcovil has developed an equipment in the field of recycling compressors for electric machines and refrigerators. This device consists on an automatic cutting machine carried out in double rotation mode with variable speed.

This device does not require any pre-preparation or removal of any of the compressor’s elements: that generates a reduction in labour costs and a productivity increase, as well as extra security and protection for its user. It presents as main advantages: disc cutting by laser that releases the core of the compressor; the fact that it can process different compressor’s geometries and its high productivity (up to 70 compressors per hour). The automation that is used in this equipment also allows to recycle the refrigerator compressors automatically and without causing any pollution, labelling this equipment as “environmentally friendly”. Finally, it guarantees the operator more safety and protection than those that are currently available, as well as it allows the recovery and recycling of valuable metallic materials such as copper that presents itself as a very expensive resource.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

MARCOVIL: Regarding the lifting equipment, Marcovil highlights the overhead cranes, mobile gantry cranes and mobile semi-gantry cranes (all of which can be made double or single beam), as well as the jib cranes (pillar or wall) and monorail.

Talking about the movement equipment, Marcovil underlines the flat, station, sorting, acceleration and chain conveyors, alongside with the protection of moving elements that are produced at our factory.

The roll bending systems made at Marcovil can be 2, 3 or 4 rolls and we also have customized solutions. 

Finally, the environmental theme is getting more and more discussed throughout modern countries, therefore Marcovil has being paying a lot of attention to the said sector and we are currently manufacturing recycling plants (turnkey solutions) and single machines such as bag opener, trommel, conveyors, manual sorting cabin, shredder and ballistic separator, among others.

Once again, all of the abovementioned equipment’s can be found at our website with photos, videos and catalogues that were thoroughly elaborated and are self-explanatory.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

MARCOVIL: With all the challenges that were placed by the European Union on the circular economy and with the new legislation, such as the EU Waste Framework Directive, the market is readapting to this new reality. Furthermore, the current pandemic phase and the suspension of international exhibitions prevent the promotion of interpersonal relationships and travel abroad, which is viewed by many companies as a major obstacle to finalizing deals. Without prejudice, the opening of boarders and the stabilization of COVID-19 is bringing more freedom of movements which, in turn, is generating more requests and business opportunities for Marcovil.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

MARCOVIL: COVID-19 has drastically altered the procedures to close deals. At the present moment, companies were forced to improve their systems technologically and to develop a set of skills that allows them to close deals using modern tools. Therefore, we strongly believe that technology will assume a very important role on a near future, that is why Marcovil has been developing and improving their technological fleet. As an example, we have been conducting online surveys, inspections and visits.  

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

MARCOVIL: Our Recycling compressor equipment for electric machines and refrigerators.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2021?

MARCOVIL: Analysing Marcovil’s order book and the new deals that are being closed, we will have a year of 2021 with a sales growth of around 10% when compared to the year of 2020. Marcovil is developing three new projects in the recycling area whose prototypes are currently underway. When tested and approved, they will be announced in the markets and we believe that they will be highly viewed due to its innovative component.