MAUCOTOOLS is an Italian manufacturer of portable multifunctional metalworking machines. The core team of founders are hard workers with experience in the repair and maintenance sector and in machine industry, who dreamed of versatile, efficient and still easily operated tools. That’s how the first patented and flagship product – Portable and Multifunctional DUAL SYSTEM machine – was born and later gave birth to a wide range of high quality and handy devices such as tube and pipe bevelers, clamshell machines and many others. The DUAL SYSTEM philosophy is a small revolution with big impact in the portable machinery industry: its greatest advantage is reflected in the formula “one machine = two synchronized operations”. While the rotation part is flange facing, the feed drive part is bore welding.

Today, their team of like-minded and result focused colleagues with know-how in different areas still continue to lead the company in innovation, surprising the customers with first class support and constantly striving to improve the quality level of products and services.

MAUCOTOOLS always does market research and delivers customer-tailored solutions for on-site machining in order to help clients to find and create individual solutions to get all the big jobs done right (e.g., Portable Milling machine for TOTAL in Spain to work up to 1.2mt of diameter). When you say MAUCOTOOLS, you say it all: Quality, Innovation, Passion.

Interview with Alessandro Luigi SCALISE, CEO of MAUCOTOOLS.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

Alessandro Luigi SCALISE: Being universal and multifunctional, MAUCOTOOLS products and solutions are mainly used in the industrial repair and maintenance sector of such different areas like Heavy Machinery Restoration (e.g., earthmoving, construction, agriculture, road construction equipment), Ship repair, Oil and Gas industry, Mining, Railway Equipment, Military Vehicles and many others. Before you start discarding your old machine, consider the possibility of giving it a second life. Bucket holes of an excavator, stern tubes on a ship, valve seats of thermal equipment worn out and shabby? Don’t worry, all these cases are just captivating for MAUCOTOOLS.

E.E: What’s the news about new products? 

A.L.S: MAUCOTOOLS Facing Kit, a patented product, is the solution for restoring damaged flange faces of different diameters. Light weight body, robust tool holder, maneuverable clutch lever for perfect control over the operation, adjustable limit switches to set the exact working diameters, special safety mechanism and compatibility with all the DUAL SYSTEM machines. Do you know LEGO block’s philosophy? We follow the same strategy: every new product perfectly matches the previous one and creates a connecting bridge to the new one.

E.E: What are the ranges of products? 

A.L.S: The core products – Portable in-line Boring DUAL SYSTEM together with additional compatible accessories – cover working diameters from Ø 22mm up to Ø 1200mm and are used basically for internal boring as well as internal and external welding. The same machines, along with optional tools, perform drilling, facing and tapping. 

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

A.L.S: The market of maintenance and repair services for all the industrial sectors is forecast to grow to 2-5% in the years to come. Its development will still keep up despite the global upcoming challenges we all face nowadays on account of the post-pandemic stage and because of the unforeseen war in the Eastern European territory which disrupted the traditional supply-chains and slowed down the global growth. Most of our customers are aware of the importance of well preserving their equipment and infrastructure in order to prolong its working life. So, the increasing embracement of renewable energy sources, the growing energy demand and probably the reconstruction of existing gas and oil pipelines will determine the growth of our market.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

A.L.S: Worldwide we notice Governments lead subsidy programs aimed at supporting their economies, which stimulate investments in modern equipment and long-term projects. This impacts on today’s demand – even on small businesses – for technology intended to perform on-site machining. Besides this so-called “direct” impact, the main industry areas – traditionally under focus of the on-site solutions producers – have increased their investments and the potential market demand (also due to the recovery of numerous projects that have been kept on hold due to the pandemic emergency on recent years).

It is also important to highlight the significant rise of US Dollar against other currencies, especially the Euro. This will certainly affect the purchasing power of companies and will favor the producers who were able to diversify their presence on the world stage.

In my opinion, the main problems that we, producers, will face in the nearest future will be caused by macroeconomic factors (e.g., local wars, disease and pandemic outbreaks, etc.) instead of the “usual competition”, besides the change of perspective of what until now we have defined as “total globalization”.

The key word today – more than in any other historical moment – is and will be “adaptability”.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

A.L.S: One of the most recent products of 2022, which make us really proud of is: START DUAL SYSTEM in-line boring machine. This portable metalworking tool is the youngest bro of the LBM DUAL SYSTEM – modular in-line boring and welding machine – with an innovative feature. The feed drive module of the START is completely mechanic. It means: robust, performative and smart machine, as multitasking as the LBM. So complex as necessary and so simple as possible. Last but not least, relying on mechanical solutions we finally solved the issue for smaller companies: maximum quality for budget-friendly costs. START is more than a product name, it is part of a visionary program. Once you have it, you can easily upgrade it to LBM or enhance its functionality with additional accessories.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2022?

A.L.S: In the first quarter of 2022 we continued our path of success despite the challenges and, significantly, increased our revenue by 70%. Besides, we launched some innovative products. Right now, MAUCOTOOLS is working on a new ambitious product line intended to automatize complex and highly accurate on-site machining. The ideation and further realization of the new MAUCOTOOLS machines is in progress and therefore remains confidential subject. Or should I give an exclusive spoiler alert like this with Easy Engineering readers? Ok, here’s a hint, the key word of our efforts is CNC. So, MAUCOTOOLS is more than ever confident of finishing this year with a significant growth and good ideas to be realized and patented in 2023.