PROMILL, a specialized company part of the Moret Industries Group, is the French leading supplier of industrial Drying, Milling and Pelleting Technologies.

Promill’s premises are located 1 hour from Paris. More than 100 people work for the company. Their engineers, technicians, specialized workers, site supervisors and quality experts are permanently dedicated to the satisfaction of customers. The company is equipped with a 10 000m² workshop and a fully operational test station.

Founded in 1951, PROMILL supports its customers for the Study of their project, Equipment Design, Manufacturing in the French workshop, Transport, Installation, Commissioning, Supply of spare parts, Technical Assistance, Operators training, Equipment and process improvement.

PROMILL machines produce more than 75% of wood pellets in France. More than 50% of our turnover is generated by export. Their machines are installed worldwide, in Europe, Africa, America, Asia. The 3 world’s largest wood pellets producers are equipped with PROMILL machines.

Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?

PROMILL: Every day, our teams pool their skills and experience to meet our customers’ needs. Our goal is to offer them the best service based on our combined expertise built up over 70 years in different industries like: Wood and Bagasse, Green Crop, Alcohol/Ethanol, Animal Feed, Sugar/Beet Pulp, Starch, Edible Oil, Rendering, Pharmaceutical/Medical, Food/Food Component, Fertilizer, Recycling.

We work in multiple sectors and we keep on enriching our scope, thanks to the great work carried out by our engineers and technicians, able to test the milling and pelleting of multiple products provided by potential customers worldwide.

E.E: What’s the news for 2021 about new products?

PROMILL: Our engineers are constantly working on improving our machines, not only in terms of increasing performance, but also reducing maintenance costs and improving operators safety at our customers’ production sites.

PROMILL machines are also efficient in producing innovative pellets. For instance, our machines are in production on FICAP site, the first production unit for HPCI Black Pellets, a new generation biofuel to replace coal.

E.E: What are the ranges of products?

PROMILL: Our core Technologies are: Rotating Drum Dryers, Triple/Single Pass Drum Dryers, Belt Dryers, Solid Fuel Air Heaters, Crushers, Pellet Mills, Hammer Mills and Ancillary equipments related to Pelleting (Conditioners, Feeding screws, Coolers, Sifters, Buffer Hoppers, etc.). We also manufacture and provide a wide range of Spare Parts, especially Dies and Rollers.

Based on the depth of our experience of PROMILL STOLZ and MAGUIN PROMILL, we offer a wide range of proven and innovative solutions designed to meet our customers’ requirements.

E.E: At what stage is the market where you are currently active?

PROMILL: Due to many factors (Global COVID-19 crisis, jaundice epidemic in the sugar beet sector, extreme weather conditions on alfalfa, etc.), the markets were strongly impacted on the downside in 2020. We were thus able to observe a postponement of a few orders initially planned for 2020. Some of our customers had to face a strong uncertainty related to these events, and had to strengthen the control of their budgets in order to avoid bankruptcy.

E.E: What can you tell us about market trends?

PROMILL: However, considerable efforts, particularly French government efforts, have kept the sugar beet and alfalfa industries alive.

In addition, global environmental policies allow the exponential development of the wood energy sector. The subsidies allocated by the government to individuals equipping themselves with wood-based heating methods are a real accelerator for our activity.

E.E: What are the most innovative products marketed?

PROMILL: In order to support our customers in their development and in improving their performance, PROMILL has embarked on an ambitious program of innovations within the more general framework of Industry 4.0.

Among these projects, the predictive data analysis proposed by PROMILL should transform the management and maintenance of processes.

Predictive maintenance is a specific application of predictive data analysis. It focuses on the prediction and timing of unscheduled downtime related to wear or failure of machine or process components.

E.E: What estimations do you have for 2021?

PROMILL: PROMILL remains strong, and 2021 starts off quite fast! For instance, we already started a dozen of new projects for our customers in Europe and in the United States since the beginning of the year. This bodes very well for the rest of the year!