Flexibility in the planning, design, and set-up of protective enclosures

Protective enclosures protect against accidents during dangerous production processes. That’s why it’s crucial that they are optimally attuned to the work process and can be adjusted if necessary. Montech’s modular aluminum framing system can be changed flexibly and therefore offers countless possible uses.

Where the focus is on the safety of production processes, protective enclosures are never far away. They protect processes inside and outside of the enclosure. Because every production situation is different, the requirements of each vary. Some protective enclosures are used for multi-stage work processes in linear applications, others for rotary applications on round tables. Sometimes the protective enclosures are square, sometimes octagonal. While a narrow, compact design makes sense for one production situation, another production situation requires as large a protective enclosure as possible. That’s why it’s possible to create individual enclosure forms with Montech’s flexible aluminum framing system in the sizes 4020 and 5025. 

Modular, versatile, easy

The range of construction, hollow, corner, and adapter profiles makes it possible to design the desired protective enclosure easily and flexibly. The numerous variants of Montech’s aluminum framing system with its accessories provide great freedom to create different designs. The protective enclosures can be adjusted to changed requirements at any time and can be subdivided into several areas with different functions. Here, customer-specific doors and windows ensure easy access to individual process stages. 

Disruptive assembly technology for safety and precision

The highly precise aluminum framing system can be clamped in parallel or at an angle via the dovetail so that it is very resistant to displacement. In addition, there is a dovetail groove available. This disruptive assembly technology unites two functions in one application, as its name suggests: The sliding blocks placed in the dovetail groove secure the fastening of any components and accessories to the profile. At the same time, the disruptive geometry of the dovetail sliding block allows precise and secure clamping.

Modifications after the fact are possible

Frequently, production and processing areas are not static; they continue to develop. Changes to or expansions of the processing lines are the order of the day. The benefit of Montech’s aluminum framing system is that it enables changes even after the fact. Protective enclosures can be changed quickly and easily without any need to drill or punch any parts. The sliding blocks combined with the dovetail system make this possible. The result of this flexibility is protective enclosures in many shapes and with a visually appealing design.