Our laser cleaners have successfully established a strong presence in such a sensitive and challenging field as the restoration of cultural monuments.

We are proud to have been approved by the Historical Monuments Office as the only option for cleaning more than just wooden pews in churches. Restoration can only be carried out by a RESTORATOR with the appropriate certification. Restoration work is preceded by the preparation of a restoration proposal, which includes detailed restoration research and restoration technology.   It must be approved by the Monument Authority.

A short demonstration of the cleaning-removal of varnish and paint can be found in this video: Laser cleaning of church pews.

In comparison to sand-blasting, our cleaning technology does not cause any damage to the wood. Only a layer of paint or varnish is removed. We must not forget that our laser cleaner PANDA P CL and SHARK P CL also perfectly removes mosses, molds or any living organisms. Our PANDA P CL or SHARK P CL have proven to be unique tools for conservators.   The work of preservationists is demanding and slow. The idea that a restorer can clean a 15th century statue in one day is like something out of Sci-Fi, but with the technology from PULSAR Laser it is a reality.

 With laser cleaning from PULSAR Laser, restoration of more cultural and historical monuments is possible in less time and cost.  The quality of the work will improve and of course the profitability of the restorers will also improve. 

Our PANDA P CL and SHARK P CL perfectly clean wood, stone, iron, brass, bronze, copper , marble and sandstone. Sculptures, roofs, fittings, doors and windows have the chance to get a second life.

Of course, monuments are not only made of wood. That’s why we have developed our laser cleaners so that even antique candle holders can be cleaned after a simple change of parameters. A conservationist might remark that it is necessary to preserve the patina. This is no problem with our cleaners. Brass, copper, silver, gold can remain polished, matt or if the requirement of the historian is secret you can also create a patina on the surface. For example, copper cups will look exactly as they were used many years ago.

To help you navigate our wide range of laser cleaners, we have prepared a brief guide to their use on the page we have prepared for you. https://www.laser-reiniger.de

You can find prices for the equipment on our product page https://www.pulsar-laser.eu

Of course, you can also try out our laser cleaners. As a rule, the tests are free of charge.  We believe you will appreciate the ease of use and the wide range of applications of our laser cleaners