Boasting a double-digit growth over the last two years and fast-selling new models, SCM Group participates in Ligna 2017 as a solid Group that has great confidence in the future of the entire industry. And as one of the world industry leader, SCM Group is getting ready for the event knowing full well that – thanks to the high technological level it has reached – it is more than able to offer its clients applicable “Industry 4.0” solutions.

Practical solutions made possible by an ever growing data collection and analysis, to facilitate greater control over production quality and quantity, from technological and IT development of individual machines to improving their ability to operate in cells and cell systems.

Specifically, at Ligna 2017, on its enormous stand in Hall 13, the Group will display a cell system combined with robot, able to provide a concrete implementation of the “mass customisation” concept, all in order to meet all customer-specific needs, while maintaining the advantages of industrial production.

In terms of software and user interfaces, SCM Group is to present at Ligna 2017 some outstanding new solutions, starting from an interface with an innovative and stunning “multi-touch” system, with a 21-inch display and a new graphic look which makes preparation work, production control and diversification easy and safe for operators.

And regarding software specifically, SCM Group has completed a major “upgrade” of its Maestro suite. Excellent results have been achieved with beam saws using the new system optimiser, allowing an 80% reduction in computation time and 40-50% reduction in waste. The Watch system supervisor will demonstrate its great capabilities running by itself the cell system on view at Ligna 2017.

In general, the SCM Group software suites are designed as open systems that can operate with any type of machine, allowing total control over every machine function, while being easy and intuitive to use by any operator.

At Ligna 2017, SCM Group is to present more than sixty products out of its wide range, able to meet the needs of any type of company, from small local carpentry shop to large multinational corporations. In particular, following their extraordinary success during the Open House event, held at the beginning of the year in the Group’s headquarters in Rimini, Italy, the new Morbidelli Author M100 and M200 machining centres will be presented, ready to start the “AuthoR-Evolution”, along with additional new products shown in a world première and various other “upgrades” of the entire product line.

This year’s edition of Ligna comes at a particularly happy moment for Scm Group, whose 2016 revenues came to nearly 600 million euros, up from 513 million in 2015 and 466 million in 2014. Four-hundred million out of the 600 million total came from the woodworking industry. Exports account for a major part of SCM Group’s market share, but the Italian domestic market has shown an impressive recovery.

The Group, with its network of subsidiaries and distributors spread around the world, boasts a total of over 300,000 square metres of production floor area and about 3,300 employees.