At this year’s LIGNA, System TM’s booth will be brimming with cutting edge technologies and machine-to-machine integration. An Opti-Solution manu­facturing line will be showcased in full operation with an array of machines and options from both System TM and its scanner partner, MiCROTEC. Showcasing this Opti-Solution will demonstrate System TM’s ever-grow­ing expertise in optimizing staff and wood resources, as well as the customer benefits that emerge from a close System TM-MiCROTEC partnership – a partnership that continues to reach new heights. “Our attendance at LIGNA 2019 underscores our dedication to helping companies optimize their production by maximizing lum­ber utilization and production capacity, and minimizing labor costs,” says Per Jørgensen, CSO of System TM.

A leading expert in designing and developing customized solutions, System TM will not only be show­casing the Opti-Solution to demonstrate its expertise in optimizing staff and wood resources, but also to demonstrate its expertise in integrating hardware and software between all functions of a manufactur­ing line.‘‘We want to show our guests how integrating our machinery with MiCROTEC’s machinery adds sig­nificant value to production processes and increases productivity and efficiency’’, says Per Jørgensen.

Industry 4.0: bringing the human–machine relationship to the next level

At LIGNA 2019, System TM will be presenting leading, powerful machinery marked by high artificial intelli­gence (Industry 4.0), in which decisions and tasks are carried out with the least amount of human involve­ment possible. Thanks to the intelligence of System TM’s software and hardware, error prevention is automat­ically performed in the event of operator error, workpiece condition errors, or machine errors. This way, errors are automatically resolved before they occur or cause machine downtime. Industry 4.0 will continue to define the future for System TM, as machines are designed with less need for human intervention to minimize hu­man error, and with more self-regulation to uphold the highest levels of manufacturing efficiency and uptime.

Showcasing a full range of machinery

At LIGNA 2019, guests will be experiencing the full spectrum of System TM and MiCROTEC machinery when they see the following equipment in action:

Opti-Solution – a fully automatic solution:

– System TM Opti-Feed 6000 Vack automated infeed system

– MiCROTEC Viscan for strength measurement of workpieces

– MiCROTEC Curvescan for twist, bow, cup, spring and crook measurement of workpieces

– MiCROTEC Opti-Side for annual ring orientation and pith detection

– MiCROTEC M3 Scan moister meter

– MiCROTEC Goldeneye 502 scanner including X-ray

– System TM Opti-Kap 5103 optimizing cross-cut saws (2)

– System TM Opti-Stack 3000 automated stacking system

– System TM automatic batch creating system for vertical finger jointing